GOAT Collection

A collection of GOATs drawn by different people.

GOAT - Epizoda 1

A giant goat wandering the hills. A movie about progress and collapse.


Timelapses of growing, melting and crysatlizing GOATS.

Brunnen 70

We transformed a Berlin underground club in a surreal GOAT world.

Countdown Grabowsee

The interdisciplinary art festival at the beautiful Grabowsee.

GOAT Toilet

An environment friendly compost toilet build by the Goatgroup.

Trying Arrows

“Trying Arrows” is a computer program that reacts with sound.

Ecuador Goat

Goat travels to Ecuador


The Original Munic Goat.
An urban myth in the making. 

Kinetic Farm

Kinetic Farm is a series of animated kinetic animal sculptures. They talk, move and interact with their environment.


Transformation of a five floored house into

a Exhibition and Leisure Space.

Berlin (Summer 2007)


Reviving and culturraly changing an abandoned industrie complex in the outskirts of berlin.

Alte Koete

A nightmarish shortfilm shot deep in middle Germany.

GOAT - Giant Obsolete Anarchic Thing

Our contribution to oversee the streetart festival in Grabowsee.


 An sculpture that condenses berlin in an exhibition about shrines.


Premium Goats

Our solution for 3D printed goat sculptures.