“Trying Arrows” is a computer program that reacts with sound. The basic shape is an arrow, which is defined by 7 points. Depending on the frequencies of the sound input the parameters of the arrow are changing and can either be identified as an arrow, or as an abstract geometry.

New arrows can be added on the right and left side while keeping the same properties but scaled and rotated in a way that they fit into the mother-arrow. This can be continued for up to 9 layers.

The  developing  structure  is  self  similar  like  a  mathematical  fractal,  but  depending  on  the  sound frequencies the structure can change completely to a chaotic field of lines. The fragile construct needs a certain input to remain ordered as regular arrows.

The improvised sound is coming from a synthesizer and subordinates to its visual effects, playing in the area of tension between organized and chaotic structures.