Transformation of a five floored house into a Exhibition and Leisure Space.

Together with Freie Klasse Berlin , Welturlaub and many more.

Berlin (Summer 2007)


Ground Floor

In the Ground Level there was based a bar, an Installation and a little Disco.

First Floor

The first floor was filled with a two Room installations by Anton Steenbock and Peter Boyd.

Second Floor

In the Second Floor happend a Performance by  Daniel Chluba and one Flat Transformation by Emanuell Jesse and Friends aswell another Transformation by Anton Theileis.

Third Floor

There were three Roominstalations in the Third Floor. One by Johanna Jäger a Video Installation by RAM 57 and the Golden Room by Andreas Weissenbrunner and Daniel Chluba.

Fourth Floor

The top floor was the place for a park, a little cinema, a "Curry Bude" by Konrad Fitz, a Tank Drone Stearing Box by Jakob Theileis and Works by Kai Selbar.


There was a hole through all floors with water dripping through it.